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Larry "Lightning" (Smith)
Ruby Alexander (Denton)   
Sandra Barger (Walker)
David Barlowe     
Len Benton     
Juanita Bollinger (Crotts)   
Pam Bowers (Franklin)
George Perry Bradshaw   
Connie Brittain (Ashby)   
James Brittain
Judy Brittain (Smith)   
Toni Brittain (Lingerfeldt)
Gail Brown (Hill)    
Jackie Bryant
Paul Buff
Roy Buff
Shirley Buff (McDaniels)  
Evelyn Burnette (Barnhardt)    
Ted Calloway   
Marty Carpenter (Norman)
Jack Carswell    
Kay Carswell (Ramsey)
Mary Ann Carswell (Buff)
Roy Carswell
Trudie Carswell (Hemmings)
Julia Causby (Smith)    
Dennis Clarke   
Mildred Cobb (Johnson)    
Frances Cooke   
Tommy Cooper     
Becky Crawley (Chapman)   
Elaine Crowe   
Linda Deaton (Woods)
Raymond Denton (Na)     
Sexton Digh   
Sandra Duckworth (Dale)    
Ronnie Fisher
Leon Foss    
Larry Frankliln
Wanda Gallion (Kiddy)   
William Garrison
Debbie Glasco (McDowell)
Ronnie Hall
Steve Hamrick    
Diane Hembree (Burleson)   
Faye Hipps (Fisher)
John Howard   
Kay Kincaid (Mitchell)   
Norma Lackey (Brittain)
Bolena Laughridge (Carswell)
Barbara Ledford (Bumgarner)
Jack Ledford    
Lou Lineberger (Stewart)
Molinda Linda Lovelace (Ka…)    
Karl Mace    
Ray McGhee    
Betty Mitchell (Clark)
Reba Moore   
Linda Mull (Lewis)   
Betty Newton (Gardner)   
Johnny Norman
Sadie N. Norman   
Thaxine Overstreet (McGhee)   
Linda Pearson (Stamey)
Nancy Pearson (Duckworth)
Ernie Peeler     
Faye Phillips (Warlick)   
Gary Poole   
Evelyn Poteat (Pickleseimer)
Jewell Poteat
Kenny Poteat   
Melvyn Poteet
Larry Ray (Smith)    
Albert Robbins
Aileen Roper (Branch)   
Carroll Roper   
Bennett Ross    
Diana Ross (Berry)  
Susan Ross (Clark)
Douglas Shuffler
Gary Shuping
Kay Shuping (Pollard)  
Naomi Shuping (McGee)
Carroll Smith
Gary Smith    
Helen Smith (White)
Nancy Snipes (Burns)
Doris Stewart (Smith)
Lee Stewart    
Boyd Stroupe
Katherine Suttles (Dula)
Judy Swink (Watts)   
Hilda Taylor (Adkins)    
Martha Toney (Dale)   
Richard Walker    
Earleen Waters (Morrison)   
Allen Watts    
Pat Watts (Brittain)   
Johnny Wehunt   
Judy Wehunt (White)   
Betty Whisnant (Norman)   
Hilda White (Morton)   
John (Steve) White    
Gary Whitener

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Roy (Coach) (Waters)

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