50th Reunion Photos

Salem Class of 1965 50th Reunion Silvercreek Plantation Morganton NC Sept. 5th, 2015

Linda Pearson Stamey, Kay Shuping Pollard, Gail Brown Hill, Betty Newton Gardner

Nancy Pearson Duckworth, Ruby Alexander Rudisill

Bennett Ross and Johnny Norman

Group Shot

Sandra Barger Walker and Pam Bowers Franklin

Connie Brittain Ashby and Evelyn Poteat Pickleseimer

Gladys and Bennett Ross

Bennett Ross and Boyd Stroupe

Raymond and Joyce Denton

Molinda Lovelace Karpman, Raymond and Joyce Denton

Hilda Taylor Adkins, Norma Lackey Brittain, Toni Brittain Lingerfeldt

Patsy and Gary Shuping

Jack Carswell leading us in prayer before the meal.

Buffet Line

Molinda Lovelace Karpman and Mildred Cobb Johnson

Mildred Cobb Johnson and her son Tommy

Bolena Laughridge Carswell and Molinda Lovelace Karpman

Molinda Lovelace Karpman and Roy Carswell

Nancy Pearson Duckworth, Toni Brittain Lingerfeldt, Jewell Poteat and Patt Watts Brittain

Hilda White Morton and Molinda Lovelace Karmpan

Betty Newton Gardner and Connie Brittain Ashby

Polly Mayo, Beth Cooper, Molinda Lovelace Karpman, Jewell Poteat

Molinda Lovelace Karpman and Leon Foss

Julie  and Leon Foss

Harold Karpman, Tommy Cooper, Beth Cooper, Molinda Lovelace Karpman, Ralph Mayo

Elaine Crowe and her son

Molinda Lovelace Karpman and Jack Ledford

Harold and Molinda Karpman

Beth Cooper, Molinda Karpman, Polly Mayo (3 sissy's)

Ernie Peeler, Tommy Cooper, Bennett Ross







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