45th Reunion Pics


Decorating for the reunion -- thanks to everyone that helped decorate and also those that stayed and helped un-decorate.

 Thanks to Molinda for the wonderful Goodie Bags!!!

Judy Swink Watts and Allen Watts -- they came all the way from Kansas to attend the reunion.

Allen Watts and Linda Pearson Stamey talking.  Kay Shuping Pollard talking to Judy Swink Watts in the background.  Frances Cooke and Diane Hembree Burleson talking in the foreground.

Allen Watts and Sandra Duckworth Dale talking after the reunion.

Connie Brittain Ashby, Beth Cooper (Tommy Cooper's wife and Molinda Lovelace Karpman's sister) and Nancy Pearson Duckworth.

David Barlowe and wife Leslie with Leon Foss and wife Julie.

Frances Cooke and Diane Hembree Burleson -- they must be up to something.....

Kay Shuping Pollard and Doris Stewart Smith talking.  Evelyn Burnette Barnhardt and husband Michael in the background.  Ruby Alexander standing to the right.

Evelyn Burnette Barnhardt, Molinda Lovelace Karpman, Connie Brittain Ashby, Beth Cooper and Nancy Pearson Duckworth.

Hilda Taylor Adkins and Jack Ledford dancing -- you go........ show us how to 'cut that rug'

Jack Ledford checking out his 'goodie bag' that Molinda provided everyone.

Johnny Norman and Larry Ray Smith -- talking about old times.

Karl Mace and Frank Dale talking about a 'collection'.......

Kay Shuping Pollard, Linda Pearson Stamey, Frances Cooke and Betty Newton Gardner.

Ruby Alexander Denton, Diane Hembree Burleson, Kay Shuping Pollard, Betty Newton Gardner, Gail Brown Hill and Linda Pearson Stamey.

Perry Smith (Doris Stewart Smith's husband), Leon Foss and Bruce Pollard (Kay Shuping Pollard's husband) must be talking about cars?

Bolena Laughridge Carswell, Linda Pearson Stamey and Frances Cooke catching up.

Martha Toney Dale, Connie Brittain Ashby and Carlton Ashby.

Molinda Lovelace Karpman, Frances Cooke and Gail Brown Hill.

Sandra Duckworth Dale and Doris Stewart Smith catching up and talking about old times.

Sandra Barger Walker, Betty Newton Gardner and Gail Brown Hill.

Len Benton and Judy Wehunt White talking.

Betty Newton Gardner, Molinda Lovelace Karpman and Kay Shuping Pollard -- they helped Molinda put the bags together.

Doris Stewart Smith and husband Perry.

Ray McGhee and Jack Ledford catching up, Ray's wife Judy talking to Mildred Cobb Johnson.

Gail Brown Hill and Karl Mace talking about old times.

Allen Watts talking to "Pop" Waters with his wife (Greta) beside him.

Frank Dale and Mildred Cobb Johnson and everyone enjoying the night.

Evelyn Poteat Pickleseimer and sister-in-law Jewell.

Allen Watts, Martha Toney Dale and Diana Ross Berry.

Len Benton, Ernie Peeler, and David Barlowe -- >>>

Everyone enjoying themselves -- Evelyn Burnette Barnhardt and husband Michael, Ray McGhee and wife Judy -- Wanda Gallion Kiddy and husband Larry - Judy Wehunt White at the end on right and Frances Cooke standing.

Evelyn Burnette Barnhardt with Husband Michael and Diane Hembree Burleson.

Hilda Taylor Adkins and husband Danny

Jack Ledford and Sandra Duckworth Dale

Jack Carswell and wife Debra

Evelyn Burnette Barnhardt and Molinda Lovelace Karpman

Bennett Ross and wife Gladys

Bolena Laughridge Carswell

Connie Brittain Ashby and Evelyn Poteat Pickleseimer

Elaine Crowe and Rick

Ernie Peeler, Diana Ross Berry and Leon Foss

Jack Carswell, Molinda Lovelace Karpman and Bo Robbins

Jack Ledford

Joyce Denton (Raymond Denton's wife) and Diane Hembree Burleson

Judy Wehunt White and Allen Watts

Larry White, Molinda Lovelace Karpman, Judy Wehunt White and Beth Cooper

Karl Mace and Johnny Norman

Kay Shuping Pollard and husband Bruce

Judy Wehunt White and husband Larry

Lee (Jr.) Stewart and wife Barbara

Betty Newton Gardner and Len Benton

Leon Foss and wife Julie

Linda Pearson Stamey, Raymond Denton and Gail Brown Hill

Melvyn Poteet, Cline Gardner (Betty's husband), Betty Newton Gardner and Nancy Pearson Duckworth

Melvyn Poteet and Dr. Harold Karpman (Molinda's husband)

Molinda Lovelace Karpman and Allen Watts -- probably these two traveled the most miles to get to our reunion!!!  Thanks

Molinda Lovelace Karpman and Elaine Crowe

Ready to let the good times roll............Molinda Lovelace Karpman and Ernie Peeler -- shaking a leg!

Tommy Cooper and wife Beth with Molinda Lovelace Karpman and Dr. Harold Karpman.  Beth and Molinda are sisters!


Molinda Lovelace Karpman, Raymond Denton and wife Joyce and Connie Brittain Ashby

Molinda Lovelace Karpman, Sandra Duckworth Dale and Elaine Crowe

Nancy Pearson Duckworth and husband Max

Pam Bowers Franklin

David Barlowe, Karl Mace, Joyce and Raymond Denton

Ray McGhee, Judy Swink Watts and Allen Watts

Mr. Roy "Pop" Waters, Molinda Lovelace Karpman and Greta Waters

Ruby Alexander Denton

Sandra Duckworth Dale, Betty Newton Gardner, Molinda Lovelace Karpman, Gail Brown Hill, and Linda Pearson Stamey

Sandra Duckworth Dale, Diana Ross Berry, Mildred Cobb Johnson and Sadie Norman

Sandra Duckworth Dale and Elaine Crowe

Sandra and Molinda

Sandra Barger Walker and husband Melvin "Bud"

Sandra Barger Walker, Betty Newton Gardner and Gaill Brown Hill

Wanda Gallion Kiddy and husband Larry

Check out the cars--------------------------